Growth Serum Conditioner is formulated with organic oils, natural vitamins, and herbal extracts.
It is made from a natural ingredient that can do wonders for your hair. It can help solve a lot of different hair issues including dandruff, oiliness, and dryness. It packed with enzymes, which eradicate the dead skin cells that prevent your hair growth.
Soothes and softens your scalp. Reduces redness and inflammation. Good for people with sensitive skin
Growth Serum Conditioner has no parabens, no sulfates, and no silicones and extremely gentle that it can be used daily.
Growth Serum Conditioner is for all hair types. 100 percent natural herbal extracts. It stimulates hair growth, as well as helping repair split ends, smooth out rough hair cuticles, and prevent hair loss problems. It protects softens and makes hair look and feel more luxurious.