Pomada de la Campana 2.6 oz helps protect, hydrate, cleanse and
soften the skin. Eliminates dry skin, treats minor skin irritations,
insect bites, eliminates itching, and reduces the effect of melasma and
other skin conditions. If your skin needs to be moisturized, protected
and softened, Bell Pomade is all you need. Made in Mexico with
ingredients of the finest quality, its formula is enriched with Vitamins
A and E giving you that beautiful skin you always dreamed of. The Bell
Pomade will leave your skin hydrated, feeling and looking great at a
great price. Apply to your skin two to three times a day to see the
amazing things this ointment can do to your skin. You'll glow and won't
want to go back to using your normal body lotion.

Petrolatum, Zinc Oxide, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, Allantoin.