Oyin Handmade After Bath Luxurious Blended Body Oil - 8.4 Oz

Oyin Handmade After Bath Luxurious Blended Body Oil - 8.4 Oz

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Product Description

The Oyin Handmade After Bath~Luxurious Blended Body Oil is a
simple & luxurious than the skin-softening glide of a nourishing oil
on skin still damp from a shower or bath. 
Locks moisture on the skinGreat slip, non greasyUnscented AfterBath is fabulous as Baby's first moisturizer.Makes a fabulous massage oilBlended vegetable oil mix rich in Vitamins E, D, B1 and B2.
It contains no petroleum or mineral oil (of course) and glides
on smoothly, making it ideal as a massage oil; it also penetrates
deeply, making it a lovely body oil. It is unscented, with a delicious natural scent that comes from the virgin coconut.


Vitamin E, olive, virgin coconut, avocado, sweet almond, rice bran, mango, sunflower, walnut and black seed oils.

Recommended Usage

Smooth on immediately after bathing, when skin is still slightly damp. Or Use on wet skin at the end of your shower - be careful not to slip! - and then pat gently dry.