Isoplus Natural Remedy Cucumber Conditioner 3.75 Oz

Isoplus Natural Remedy Cucumber Conditioner 3.75 Oz

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Product Description

ISOPLUS Cucumber massage hair & Scalp Soother lends the scalp a fresh and breezy tingling sensation. It's exactly what is needed for scalp suffering fro M lasting irritation from chemicals. Thoroughly conditions hair & Scalp to help alleviate dry, itch scalp, soothes scalp, Helps stimulate hair growth, reli Eves itchy, dry scalp, moisturizes dry, damaged hair, fresh fragrance.


Recommended Usage

As a Hair Conditioner: Apply a small amount to palm of hands. Rub hands together and smooth throughout hair. Style as usual. As a Scalp Conditioner: Section hair and apply to scalp. Massage with fingertips or by brushing. Style as usual.