GiGi Facial Hair Removal, 12 Pre-Waxed Strips
Removes Facial Unwanted Hair In An Instant

The GiGi Facial Wax Strips wraps the facial hair even on the shortest and thinnest hair for an easy pull but still gentle enough for delicate skin. An excellent hair removal treatment that offers a hairless silky smooth skin that lasts for weeks! No mess, no pain, no sweat!

Nourish And Soothe The Skin

These pre-waxed strips from GiGi will reduce adverse reactions such as redness or swelling on your skin during and after waxing. It also hydrates and nourishes your skin for that smooth, clear, healthy-looking skin you’ve always wanted. With its natural formula, it will help shield and soothe the skin while leaving it feeling soft and silky smooth, makes it ideal for those who are even prone to sensitivity!

Economical, No More Expensive Waxing Spa Visits!

No need for spa appointments when there are GiGi Facial Wax Strips! Affordably effective and popular in demand, less clean-up is expected, as this is flexible, easy to apply and remove. Get rid of your unwanted hair by yourself at home through the use of this depilatory accessory together with the hair removal wax and say no more to expensive hair wax salon visit!