Deity America Color Change Shampoo Black, 5.28 Oz

Deity America Color Change Shampoo Black, 5.28 Oz

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Product Description

Color Change Shampoo Turns your white/gray hair into black in 5-10 minutes. This product uses Tibetan herbs, Tibetan ginseng, Tibetan red flower, leaves of Chinese arborvitae and several herbal plants to make this a great natural hair color shampoo. This product promotes the cells of hair follicles to re-grow healthy and strong, cleans obstruction of hair follicles for fast growth and easy coloring, increases blood circulation of scalp and controls secretion of hair oils. This New Color shampoo breakthrough will not color or stain your scalp. It moisturizes, grows and strengthens hair naturally.


Tibetan Medicine Essence from Plants, Tibetan Ginseng, Tibetan Red Flower, Leaves of Chinese arborvitae, and several Chinese herbs.

Recommended Usage

Wet hair fully, apply a moderate amount of the product, gently massage for about five minutes. Then rinse completely with water.