Toni Morrison: Our Beloved Nobel Laureate

Toni Morrison: Our Beloved Nobel Laureate

Mar 06, 2024

Amelia Grubb

Last week was Toni Morrison's birthday, so today we honor her. Morrison left us a legacy as an internationally renowned novelist, essayist, critic, professor, and book editor. Born on February 18th, 1931, Morrison loved literature at a young age. She went on to graduate from Howard University, and then onto Cornell University and began writing fiction. Her first novel, "The Bluest Eye," was published in 1970. She earned the Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for her novel, "Beloved," and then became the first Black woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993. Her body of work includes 11 novels, 9 works of nonfiction, 5 children's books, 2 short stories, 2 plays, and an opera! 

Thank you, Toni, for all that you have done. ✊🏿 Rest in power.


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