For generations, the replenishing qualities of Olive Oil have been used to reverse dullnessdrenching hair and scalp in essential nufrients that eliminate dryness and promote healthy, shiny hair.

Universal Beauty Products, Inc. is introducing a new line of product that will make dam-aged or dull hair revitalized and healthy again. The new line called Via Natural Edge Gels is comprised of three products: Edge Gel, Pom-Edge Gel, and X2- Edge Gel. Available in portable two ounce (2 oz) jars, Via Natural Edge Gels are a unique trio of styling and finishing items specifically formulated to hold, smooth, polish and moisturize the edges. These products have been specifically developed to cater to the various needs of consumers.

Via Natural Edge Gels are enhanced with weightless ingredients to deliver continuous hold, defined style and a glossy shine without oily residue.
Via Natural X2-Edge gel combines sheer ingredients for maximum hold, intensely brilliant shine and no flaking.
Via Natural Pom Edge gel is a versatile styling tool for any hair, natural, curly, or wavy hair, and gives a feather-light hold, enhanced waves, and great shine while reducing frizz.