HAIR BENEFITS- Hair Moisturizer & Sealant: moisturizes hair and prevents split ends, hair breakage, and controls dandruff - Hair Brilliance: Adds radiance and shine to hair- Hair Manageability: Natural antioxidants and nutrients improves manageability and luster- Hair Growth: Improves blood circulation for healthy hair growth.

SKIN BENEFITS- Skin Moisturizer: moisturize and hydrate for smooth soft skin- Skin Renewal: Prevents premature aging and improves skin elasticity- Skin Rejuvenates: Helps prevents acne and soothing to skin- Beneficial Ingredients: Produces soft skin with a scent of Rosemary- Treats & prevents eczema: Aids in the healing of cuts, wounds, bruises and burns- Shrinks fibroids

HOT OIL TREATMENT- Apply oil to scalp, cover with plastic cap, sit under hair dryer for 30 mins then shampoo hair thoroughly with the Tropic Isle Living Shampoo with Shea Butter.

EYELASHES & EYEBROWS- Weekly apply oil to lashes and brows using a Q-tip or Spoolie brush.

SKIN REJUVENATOR- Daily massage oil into dry and cracked skin.

Organic Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil, Vitamin E