Supernail N-Acetone Remover 16 Oz

Supernail N-Acetone Remover 16 Oz

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Product Description

Supernail has been well known for over 35 years for their superior products for both the professional and the at-home nail care enthusiast. Whether you are caring for real or enhanced nails, Supernail provides a complete selection of wants and needs to achieve beautifully crafted manicured hands and feet.Features:Gently removes polish.Use for both natural and artificial nails.Softens polish for easy removal.Does not damage nail.- All dimensions listed are approximations.



Recommended Usage

saturate cotton or nail wipe with acetone, press onto nail, and wipe clean. nail wraps/gel polish soak 10-15 minutes and gently push any remaining product with a orangewood stick. Acrylics soak and file until removed. Professional removal of acrylics is recomended.