Its unique reconstructive base actually leaves hair looking healthier shinier and in better condition than before you started. Satin Fashion colors provide vivid ultra smooth ultra healthy hair every time.

Splay Color Ingredients: Deionized Water; Phenylmethanol; Polyquaternium-7; VA/Crotonates Copolymer; Methyl Paraben; Propyl Paraben; Diazolidinyl Urea; May Contain: CI Yellow-3; Orange-7; CI Blue-1; Developer Ingredients: Deionized Water; Hydrogen Peroxide; Bleach Ingredients: Ammonium Persulfate; Cellulose Gum; EDTA; Hydrolized Wheat Protein; Kaolin; Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide; Potassium Persulfate; Silica; Sodium Laureth-Sulfate; Sodium Metasilicate; Ultramarine BlueUses:Long lasting, semi permanent hair paint. Use on unbleached natural hair for a subtle hint of color. Use on bleached hair for an extreme intense shocking color. Kit includes: bleach, peroxide, hair color,