All Reshma® Beauty Classic Hair Color is made with 100% Natural Henna from henna trees that are native to Northwest India. This rich herb Henna thrives in the Northwest of India thanks to the intense heat and dryness found in the region. The climate is perfect for producing henna with the highest levels of tannin, making it a rich choice for a natural beauty ingredient. Henna leaves are hand picked with care twice a year, usually after the heavy rains of the monsoon season have passed. After the leaves are picked from the tree they are left to dry. The drying process is what allows the henna leaves to be ground into a fine powder to preserve the dye found in each leaf.

Not too long ago you last touched up your hair color. But lately, every time you look in the mirror you see the color has started to fade away. The dullness and lifelessness has become more apparent, but even worse is the grays are starting to show. You desire a change, but are afraid whatever you do will further damage your chemically treated hair.

With our extraordinary Reshma® Beauty Classic Henna Hair Color Collection your hair is being conditioned, as it is naturally colored. Our Classic Henna hair color contains 100% Natural Henna, no ammonia or peroxide, which can cause adverse chemical reactions to your scalp in addition to drying out your hair. Henna powder not only conditions your hair as it is coloring it, it also protects your hair from the sun and dirt. Henna powder has long been used to help strengthen hair from the roots down leaving you with silky, smooth newly colored hair. Reshma® means silky!

100% Henna (Lawsonia Inermis).