African black soap has been made all over West Africa for thousands of years. Full of emollients and vitamins offer perfect deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and it moisturizes thoroughly leaving skin clean and soft. It is made from burnt palm leaves and other plants and barks, and natural oils such as coconut oil and shea butter. Prepared in a kettle above an open fire, the ash from the burnt leaves provide a fine exfoliating property and the rich black and brown color variations to this soap. It is so gentle that you can use it on babies and anyone who has temperamental or sensitive skin. African black soap is suitable for all skin types and leaves skin healthier. It also makes a perfect shampoo with extra conditioning properties, leaves the hair feeling softer and lighter.

shea butter, cocoa pod powder, camwood, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, plantain peel powder, aqua (water), pure honey, peppermint oil infused with tea tree oil