Isoplus Oil Sheen Spray Olive Oil 11 Oz

Isoplus Oil Sheen Spray Olive Oil 11 Oz

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Product Description

Isoplus Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sheen Spray allows hair to flow freely with natural body and motion. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been added to this product so that it\'s conditioning agents and natural oils will assist in restoring your hair\'s natural moisture balance. This oil sheen hair spray leaves hair silky soft with a radiant sheen. Its naturally enhanced formula strengthens, moisturizes and helps protects hair against breakage without the use of heavy additives such as silicone.


Recommended Usage

After removal of rollers and prior to styling, hold can 8 to 10n inches from hair and spray in short bursts, covering all hair evenly. Brush or comb and style hair as desired for a beautiful sheen. For damaged areas, part hair and spray directly on scalp.