Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover Skin 4 Ounce

Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover Skin 4 Ounce

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Product Description

When you need to remove adhesive residue from your scalp, you need a safety first formulation that will take care of your skin too. The Ultra Safe formula from Pro Hair Labs has been specifically developed as an adhesive remover for skin, and is free from any harmful chemicals, toxins or other damaging ingredients.

Ultra Safe has been formulated to not only be a super powerful adhesive residue remover, but also to soothe and protect the scalp in the process. As with all our products, we have developed Ultra Safe with safety first in mind, so you know your skin will be in safe hands every time.

Unlike many other adhesive residue remover products on the market, Pro Hair Labs have avoided the use of citrus or alcohol in Ultra Safe, because we know that these ingredients can play havoc with the PH balance of the skin. Disrupted PH balance can cause agitation of the sebaceous glands, causing the skin to secrete oils that interfere with the cosmetic bonding process. With Ultra Safe you can guarantee a perfect bond every time; we’re sure you’ll never go back.


Recommended Usage

1. Before showering, spray on paper towel or similar applicator. 2. Rub on scalp applying to all areas with adhesive. Let sit for 1-5 minutes. 3. Gently rub to lather. 4. Wipe off completely. 5. Repeat again if necessary.