Aren't you tired of barrettes disappearing from her hair?
You spend a LOT of time styling, but it doesn't look like it. She comes home from school
with her hair all out of place because of missing barrettes.
GaBBY Bows are the best barrettes for thick or curly hair. Invented and patented by a
seven-year-old and her mom, GaBBY Bows were designed to stay in and save you time,
money and frustration. No more lost bows!
Simply wrap hair around the center strip, snap one end closed, and snap the other end
closed. GaBBY Bows sandwich the hair with their teeth, craters and two faces which allow
everyone to always see her adorable barrette designs.
Each pack includes five durable and smooth non-slip barrettes.
Your Sweet Pea will love the glitter sparkles and you will love her braids, twists or pin-up
staying in place.
"A-MAZ-ING. That's it. I could share how it has been three days and not one barrette has
fallen out of my daughter's hair. I could also share how she has taken her bike helmet on
and off and the barrettes still stayed in place. I could...but I am not... tell you about today's
community pool party in which she danced, played, jumped, and splashed in the pool for
hours - every barrette still in place. These barrettes are nothing short of amazing!" -

100% Plastic