Colora Henna Powder Mahogany 2 Oz

Colora Henna Powder Mahogany 2 Oz

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Product Description

This chemical-free, hair dye is specially formulated with 100% natural, organic ingredients to deliver subtle, transparent, luminous color, brighten hair or highlight hair while conditioning and thickening. Made from plants and water.

100% natural & organic ingredients
Delivers transparent, luminous color
Brighten & highlights hair
Adds bounce, body & moisture
Great for dry, damaged, brittle hair


Henna. May also contain indigo, centaurea, rhubarb, lichen, or litmus.

Recommended Usage

Shampoo and towel try hair. In a glass or plastic bowl, mix Colora Henna Powder with water to a thick, soupy texture. Apply on hair with a brush, preferably using gloves. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and let set for one hour. For a richer color, leave on hair longer. Rinse and shampoo again. Use of conditioner will help during the rinsin