Save Your Hair.

Even the softest pillowcases have a slight texture to them and are the culprit for waking up with tangled, frizzy hair that can, unfortunately, lead to split ends and hair breakage. The Adama Satin Pillowcase will help tame your mane and is ideal for all hair types.

Save Your Skin.

That’s right – your favorite cotton pillowcase is stripping you of your natural oils and can leave you waking up with dry and dehydrated hair and skin. Satin has anti-aging properties, keeping those good oils locked away.

Save Your Face.

Satin pillowcases make for creaseless nights and wrinkle-free mornings – and that doubles for your face. Pillow lines on your face can lead to premature wrinkles, and nobody has time for that!

Worried that extra soft also means extra slippery?

Fret not – Adama’s satin pillowcase comes with a concealed zipper closure to prevent sliding in the night!