Meet the Image Consultant Who Said, "My Bald Head Made Me Realize an Unapologetic Version of Me"

Meet the Image Consultant Who Said, "My Bald Head Made Me Realize an Unapologetic Version of Me"

Mar 06, 2024

Yasmein James


We'd have to revoke your black card if you don't remember the wig-throwing scene from Black Panther. That scene alone sent shock waves through theaters and black neighborhoods alike.

And if anyone identifies with the proud Dora Milaje's discomfort in the Marvel movie, it's Mikara Reid.

"The last time I wore a wig was to help a friend and I was just like, yeah, I don't miss this," said the New Jersey native. "I don’t miss the feeling. I don’t miss the look. It was misery. I was just ready to take it off."

To many, that might sound surprising. It’s not, however, to Reid who grew up wearing her hair long and in extensions. To be fair, that was the only way to maintain her hair while running track in high school. But even then, she didn’t feel a connection with her hair. What’s more, unlike little girls giddy with glee about going to the hair salon, Reid didn’t like the process (or time spent) waiting to get her hair done.

"When I turned 18, I just cut it off," she said. "I just wanted to run my hand through my head and go."

Now, 31-years-old, Reid has unapologetically worn a bald head for almost as long as she's been alive. Her bold decision was a way to free herself from one more burden. She disclosed at the time, a lot was going on in her personal life. It was her way of taking something off of her shoulders. Literally.

Instead of sitting in a barber’s chair, she’s the one holding the clippers thanks to a barber who showed her the ropes. Another main difference is her skincare routine, which has become even more important over the years.

“I’ve been going to the dermatologist before I was 16 because I didn’t want to be the girl with the acne face,” she said. “Now, I realize that your face is your biggest accessory. And when people see me, they can just tell that I take care of my skin.”

Because she doesn’t need to pay for hair products besides coconut oil shampoo and shea butter conditioner, she spends her money on quality skin care. As such, her routine includes chemical peels, facials, face steaming and a face wash for oily skin.


However, she said anyone can have unapologetically glowing skin. To do so, she recommended these five skincare tips:

Use 100 Percent Silk Pillowcase

“A lot of people don’t realize that cotton builds up oil, sweat and saliva,” she said. “Because I have oily skin, that was a drastic tool that helped me get better and clearer skin.

Drink A Lot of Water

She agrees with doctors and fitness enthusiasts who preach the importance of drinking a lot of water. She said that has been one of the major keys in not only obtaining but maintaining radiant skin.

“I drink approximately a half gallon or one gallon a day depending on my daily activity,” she said.

She admits than when she drinks the full gallon, she must stay close to the bathroom. But based on her photos, one might agree that it’s worth it.

Have a Designated Face Cloth

Reid suggests that everyone have a separate cloth for their face and body. Also, the face cloth should be changed every three days.

She said face wipes are also useful to refresh your skin and clean off makeup. She recommends the Shea Moisture Makeup Remover Face Wipes, which can be found in the shop.

Use Sunscreen All Year Round

“Since my hair is extremely low and exposed, I have to keep it protected from the sun and UV lights, which are inside buildings,” she said. 

Even if you don’t wear your hair as low as Reid, you could always benefit from a little SPF especially knowing about the effects of UV lights.

Seek Out a Skincare Professional That Understands Your Skin

Looking for any medical professional can be intimidating. To combat that fear, Reid recommends finding someone that doesn’t prescribe a one size fits all method.

“Not everyone suffers with the same skin issues as you do,” she said. “So, don’t be afraid to ask questions and request to see before and after pictures of patients that look like you.”

To learn more about Mikara Reid and her story about being unapologetically bald, visit her website here.

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Yasmein James is a freelance writer from Philly who loves a dope twist-out. Her love of storytelling began at the dinner table. You can find more of her writing on her personal blog, She’s Facing Freedom.