Mar 06, 2024

Salim Holder

The great thing about textured/ natural hair is the versatility of styles. From Twist Outs, Afro Puffs to Wash N’ Go, and Braids there are so many ways to show off your beautiful mane. While a number of hairdos can be achieved in its kinky/curly state, there are many styles that can only be completed with stretched hair. Find a few tips/methods below you can use to stretch your natural tresses without causing heat damage or compromising your hair health.

  1. Blow Dryer: Many believe that Naturalistas should abstain from using a blow dryer since it can cause heat damage; however if used correctly, it can safely stretch your hair. Try placing your blow dryer on low heat using the tension method by pulling your hair in a downward motion with the dryer held at a 90° angle.
    2. Bantu Knots: It can be used as a style but also to stretch your hair. Try doing on freshly washed hair to maximize volume.
    3. Banding: Banding can be used with hair ties. Start by parting your hair in 4 quadrants and loop your strands in-and-out of the hair ties until the ends of your hair are tucked.
    4. Threading: Threading has been used for centuries in Africa not only as a stretching method but a style as well. To achieve African threading, section your hair in about 6 parts and wrap each section with yarn. If done on damp hair (which we recommend) remove yarn when hair is completely dried.

Want another tip? When stretching your hair try using an oil to add extra luster. Africa’s Best Textures Jamaican Black Castor Natural Growth Oil is amazing. Head over to our site and purchase today.

How do you generally stretch your hair? Comment Below. See you next Tuesday with