B-100 Vitamin B Complex

Each Vial contains the vitamins B1 - B2 - B6 - B3 Nicotinamide.

- Don’t be alarmed if you happen to smell an odor in the B-100 and you’re used to B12 that has almost no odor. B6 has a noticeable odor contributing to the odor of this B complex product.

B complex injections can slightly sting during the injection, this is normal and the sensation should subside shortly after the injection is completed. Those of you familiar with B12 injections will note this is uncharacteristic of B12 alone. There is a chance that the injection site can become red or slightly inflamed (red slight bump) afterward but not in all instances.

B1 Health Benefits

- Contributes to energy production

- Rich in anti-aging properties

- Reduces Alzheimer's diseases

- Maintains a healthy heart

- Improves memory and appetite

- Prevents cataracts

- Aids in the production of red blood cells

B2 Health Benefits

- Contributes to energy production

- Enables the body to use oxygen

- Boosts immune system

- Helps fight Alzheimer’s memory loss

- Prevents muscle cramps

- Treating certain types of anemia

B3 Health Benefits

- Contributes to energy production

- Creates various sex and stress related hormones located in the adrenal glands

- Maintains healthy skin

- Protects against pollutants

- Promotes relaxation

B6 Health Benefits

- Aids in maintaining healthy hormone levels

- Bolsters immune system

- Maintains healthy skin

- Protects the heart

- Aids proper nervous system functioning

*Product contains benzyl alcohol as an inactive ingredient

Contraindications for Benzyl Alcohol

This preparation is not advised in patients who are sensitive to cobalt and/or vitamin B12. Because this product contains benzyl alcohol, it should not be used in newborns or in people who are sensitive to benzyl alcohol.

B-Complex Cautions and Warnings

Necessary B vitamins are generally well tolerated with instances of sensitivity being rare. If you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction at any time while using B100 or any vitamin injection, immediately discontinue use.

Anyone suffering from glaucoma, gout, hypertension or ulcers are advised not to take injections of B-100 complex.

B-100 complex can interfere with other medications including but not limited to levodopa, medicines containing oestrogen, hydrazine, certain anti epileptic drugs, phenobaritone, phenytoin, immunosuppressants and some medicines used to treat infections such as isoniazid, pyrazinamide, cycloserne and penicillamine.

Nicotinomide (vitamin B3) has been shown to be liver toxic in doses over 3G per day so observant of your daily and weekly intake.

Vitamin B