Hi Pro Pac Coconut Oil Shampoo 8 Oz

Hi Pro Pac Coconut Oil Shampoo 8 Oz

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Product Description

Hi Pro Pac Tropical Coconut Oil Frizz Taming Shampoo will moisturize and restore shine to damaged hair while taming frizz with the help of the moisturizing properties of coconut oil. This shampoo is effective to gently cleanse damaged, dry, frizzy and overworked hair. The creamy but lightweight formula is rich in emollients and will penetrate into hair to restore hair to a silky, soft and healthy state.

Sulfate free;
Paraben free;


super soft AcceleRare factor, Vitamin B5, Essence of pure plant seed extracts, Double protein Serum seed boost with AcceleRare formula amino acids and nourishing elements.

Recommended Usage

Apply by hand to damp hair, shaping with fingers to make the desired look.