Gummy Styling Wax Matte Finish Matt & Volume, 5 Oz

Gummy Styling Wax Matte Finish Matt & Volume, 5 Oz

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Product Description

The Fonex Gummy Matte Look Hair Wax 150ml has a strong hold with a creamy soft texture. It's styling power allows you to change your hair in to any style. Touch and re-touch the hair over and over again. Washes out easily unlike many others thanks to it's water based make. Leaves no residue or oily feeling in the hair. It's made of Alcohol free, Animal free and Flake free ingredients. Added with Vitamin E extracts which helps the hair looking lively, healthy and natural. Leaves a nice smell on the hair.


super soft AcceleRare factor, Vitamin B5, Essence of pure plant seed extracts, Double protein Serum seed boost with AcceleRare formula amino acids and nourishing elements.

Recommended Usage

Best applied to dry hair by massaging the desired amount in palms and work through hair.