Curl Keeper Slip Detangler 8Oz

Curl Keeper Slip Detangler 8Oz

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Product Description

Curl Keeper® Slip™ Detangler is a silicone-free detangling leave-in conditioner that will instantly loosen hair knots and locks in hair colour. The conditioning ingredients of the Slip™ Detangler will leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny without ever over-moisturizing the hair. Slip™ has the strength to adjust the pH balance of your hair to give you strong healthy hair without adding any weight. Our detangler will close the hair cuticle and lock in the new curly hair colour making the hair feel soft and smooth again. Spray Slip™ onto your wet hair immediately after your colour application. As with all other Curl Keeper® products, Slip™ will never build up in your hair and can be used daily as part of your regular hair maintenance routine. Say goodbye to the pain of tangles for all curly hair types.


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