Cantu Elastic Hair Bands 3Ct

Cantu Elastic Hair Bands 3Ct

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Product Description

Are you tired of snagging hair on traditional hair ties? Do you want to secure your hair in ponytails or puffs without stretching ponytail holders? Cantu’s Snag-Free Hook Headbands provide the security and flexibility you need to style your hair without the hassle. The extra-long, adjustable design works perfectly to secure longer, fuller hair, while also adjusting just enough to wrap around shorter manes, too.


100% elastic

Recommended Usage

Use as a headband, tie around a ponytail for extra hold, or wrap around a curly poof for a sleek updo. The best part? Minimize breakage and damage to your curls with the snag-free design. To use, connect the Cantu Snag-Free Hook Headband directly to hair and wrap for desired end look. For best results, treat hair with Cantu’s Edge Gel and smooth using Cantu’s Narrow Wood Updo Brush. Style as desired with the Snag-Free Hook Headband.