Cantu Fashion Wrap Deco Fashion Head Band - 1Ct

Cantu Fashion Wrap Deco Fashion Head Band - 1Ct

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Product Description

Add extra style to your curls, updos, poof, or ponytail with Cantu's Easy Wrap Slide On Fashion Band. This one size fits all wrap provides an instant wrap to cover the whole head or accentuates styles with minimum coverage. Available in a beautiful geometric print, multicolor, or classic black and white, the Easy Wrap Slide On lives up to its name and slides on hair of all types with ease.


82% polyester, 18% spandex

Recommended Usage

To use, simply slide over hair to use as a headband, or cover hair completely. For best results on curly hair, place the Easy Wrap Slide On onto hair, and then use the Cantu Double Lift Pick to add volume and lift curls around the wrap. Apply Cantu's Shea Butter Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel to add a polished look to hair's edges, and then finish with Cantu's Oil Sheen Conditioning Spray.