Boe Doctor Cabello Control Caida Treatment 16 Oz

Boe Doctor Cabello Control Caida Treatment 16 Oz

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Boe Doctor Cabello Control Caida Tratamiento 16 oz
The multiple damages that affect the strand of hair are due to climate and chemists effects that act as extreme aggressors hurting the internal structure of hair, causing destruction and hair loss.
Dr. Cabello Hair Loss, this exclusive combination of elements have been created to stop the hair loss caused by the chemical effects and other factors that weaken the scalp.
It's effective ingredients regenerate the capillary structure balancing its naturals components permitting that capillary fiber adherer to the scalp giving body, volume, softness and conditioning to the capillary fiber.

Apply after the shampoo, Treatment Doctor Cabello Hair Lose Control on the clean hair massage for 15 minutes, retire with abundant water.


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