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What is 4th Ave Market?

4th Ave Market is the largest Black owned online hair and beauty supply store with a wide ranging selection of Black owned and/or targeted salon quality hair care, beauty and personal care products. 4th Ave Market also has a large selection of professional-grade beauty products and supplies for Stylists, Barbers, Salon Owners and Estheticians.

1. Find the best – competitively priced — Hair and Personal Care products designed to cater to the needs of Black men and women and children.

2. Discover the newest innovative products designed specifically for Natural Hair styles and textured hair.

3. Get tips from the top stylists, barbers and beauty professionals to help you manage your curly, dry, damaged or natural hairstyle.

4. See testimonials, product reviews, use and styling tips.


Our Story

First, a little history…

“It’s the Harlem of the South, more famous than Beale Street, more swanky than Cotton Avenue and more vivid than Lenox Avenue. It’s that small zone that extends down Fourth Avenue and takes in Seventeenth Street.” – Octavious Cohen (Famous Writer)

Black Wall Street, in Tulsa, OK is one of the most widely known examples of a US city built and operated by Black Americans with a thriving community and bustling economy. Though it is often the most often cited example, it certainly isn’t the only example. At the height of segregation during the Jim Crow era in Birmingham, Alabama an area downtown on 4th Avenue was the home of the black American commercial district also known as the “Black Business District”. At its peak, the district was home to more than 60% of all Black owned businesses in the city.

The area teemed with attorney and doctor’s offices, grocery stores, hotels,  barber shops, beauty salons, banks and host of other thriving black businesses. Black architects and construction companies built the buildings, including the black-owned Penny Savings Bank. Ironically, in the center of the 4th Avenue Market District, was Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church, which was notoriously bombed by Klansmen.

Source: https://www.theroot.com/the-other-black-wall-streets-1823010812

Why the need for 4th Ave Market?

% of Beauty Supply stores that are Black owned in the US.
  • Black Americans spend billions of dollars per year on haircare and beauty products, yet less than 7% of all Beauty Supply stores are owned by Black Americans. (Source: BOBSA)
  • People are less willing to shop in stores that don’t understand their specific needs.
    • Traditional retail outlets may have 4ft – 8 feet of shelf space dedicated to products specifically targeting the Black community, which makes it nearly impossible for smaller up and coming brands to gain product exposure and generate sales.
% of advertising money in the US used to target black audiences.
  • While 81 percent of blacks believe that products advertised using black media are more relevant to them, only 3 percent ($2.24 billion) of $75 billion spent on television, magazine, Internet and radio advertising was with media focused specifically on black audiences. (Source: Nielsen Media Insights 2013).
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